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Bango Warisan Kuliner: the Portal to Indonesian Culinary Heritage

Monday, May 7th, 2012

Bango Warisan Kuliner

Kecap Bango is one of the oldest Indonesian brands I’ve ever known existed. It’s also purely Indonesian. What is it, actually?

It’s a Sweet Soy Sauce…

Yes, it’s actually a sweet soy sauce. And it’s essential to Indonesian cuisine! I’ll say perhaps 70% of Indonesian dishes do use Kecap Bango. From the simplest Nasi Goreng to the more complex Semur, Kecap Bango is a crucial element in preparing an Indonesian dish.

…and it’s Essential in the traditional Indonesian Cuisine.

I remembered my university days in Germany: being the true Indonesian at heart as I have always been, I would be happiest when my lunch consisted of hot white steamed rice and Semur, or simply a plate of Nasi Goreng with Telor Ceplok Kecap (Sunny side up poured with sweet soy sauce). I even taught my German friends how to cook both.

So, having a bottle of Kecap Bango at home for me was a MUST. I would go through rain and storm to the Asia Shop in downtown Cologne NeuMarkt where I’d get a small bottle for € 6 (which is practically six times the price here in Indonesia, *le SIGH*). And I was personally almost like a brand ambassador for Bango in Germany – whenever I had my cooking class with German friends, when teaching them to cook Indonesian food, I’d recommend them to buy Kecap Bango.

Until now, I still use Kecap Bango when cooking at home.

The Soy Sauce Goes Digital

When we first started working with Unilever, we started off with a haircare brand. So a year later, I was surprised that we got the Kecap Bango digital, in partnership with McCann Digital. Our role in it is simple; McCann is the think-tank, we’re the production house.

But I was the one who found the name for the domain, though. The initial domain name they wanted was already taken and the owner asked for a ridiculous price to hand it over; so I had a sudden enlightenment and found the name: Warisan Kuliner as in :D

Warisan Kuliner

Warisan Kuliner literally means “Culinary Heritage”. Indonesian Culinary Heritage, of course.

The website itself is a portal to the discovery of Indonesian Culinary Heritage. It contains recipes, cooking videos and traditional food hawking vendors around Indonesia.

The Special Things on the Website

Well, first of all, it isn’t like all the fancy resto database sites or recipe directories we find nowadays.

Everything is about a taste of traditional Indonesian food, so we’re not going to list any international recipes or any fancy fusion restaurants – we want to stay true to its meaningful purpose which is the preservation of Indonesian Culinary Heritage.

You won’t find the recipes to make cupcakes or spaghettis here, just like you won’t find Ocha & Bella or BlueGrass Bar & Grill here.

Instead, you’ll find the recipes to make Semur Malbi, Sate Sapi Manis or even Gurame Bakar, just like you’ll find Mie Kocok Mang Dadeng or Nasi Uduk Babe H. Saman listed on the directory.

Ada Apa Di Dapurmu?

What’s also cute on this website is the “Recipe Finder Tool” we installed. Dubbed “Ada Apa Di Dapurmu?” (What’s In Your Kitchen?), this Recipe Finder will look up recipes for you based on the ingredients you pick.

You can pick:

- Main Ingredient

- Main Spice

- Additional Ingredient

- Cooking Method

And then you click “Find Recipe” to get the right combinations of how you should cook your fish or your poultry and with what spices.

Cool, innit?

From Zero to Hero

For this one campaign, we also started from ZERO. But 48 hours after its launching, the site seems to do VERY WELL! People are actually browsing it for recipes and addresses. WOW.

Well, that’s what you get when you do things with passion and love!

See you in the next engagement program by Kecap Bango <3