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Launching: PALYJA and Farah Quinn

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

We never stop!

After an extremely hectic, exhausting but fulfilling month of January, here we are, on the 1st of February and we’ve launched two sites today!


PALYJA – the affiliation of French and Indonesia, PAM Lyonnaise Jaya (a combination of PAM – Perusahaan Air Minum and Lyonnaise des Eaux France, with the word Jaya which means glory in Indonesia) had an old website made with an Open-Source tool. Not satisfied with the old site, by the end of 2010 they were seeking a new partner to revamp their website.

They were on the verge of signing with another company when we came in contact with one of their French staff, and after what seemed like a flash meeting, we won the pitching.

Long story short, we signed with them and started the website…on the 14th of January.  The site was to be delivered within a very short time and with a lot of pages, a very complex structure and additional tools.

We sacrificed our weekends while juggling with no less than 6 different projects at the same time and fortunately, PALYJA people have been very helpful with the contents and editorial as well as being very proactive with the website progress, and today, we proudly say that has been launched!


Now everyone in Indonesia must be already very familiar with this beautiful lady. A very famous Celebrity Chef, TV Persona, Brand Ambassador of various big products, wife of Carson Quinn and mother to the cute little Armand – Farah Quinn has it all. She leads the dream life most people can only dream of – doing what she loves and getting loved by people just by being herself.

Now, we would like to compliment Farah’s humbleness and down-to-earth attitude. She is not only beautiful outside but inside, and Farah as well as her team has been very helpful throughout the process of the website development.  She still manages to give us a little of her time and checks out the progress between her busy schedule.

With almost 700,000 fans on her Facebook Fanpage, thousands of comments and likes each time she posts something, we believe that this website has a huge potential.  For months, Farah’s fans have been asking her where to get her recipes – well, now there is a place to browse them, and this place will also give all her fans a sneak peek into her fabulous life!

It is not easy staying simple but Farah has proven it all to us.  So it’s indeed with a big pleasure that we announce that as per today, the 1st of February 2011, is online!